Generally, everything that you see here has been taken on my DSLR, if not it'll be on my iPhone!

Initially, I started out with a Panasonic Lumix G-10. It's a great little camera to start with and it made me really fall in love with the way Lumix work. it comes fitted with a 12-42mm lens and has image stabilising in it, so it really is a good all round starter kit. at 12.1 MP its pretty standard, but it's good enough!

After a year and a half of using the G-10 I upgraded to the G-3. It was a difficult decision for two reasons.
The first is that I was unsure of whether to get a Lumix G again as it is technically not a DSLR. It has a mirrorless system in it so it has a live LCD view finder etc. This however I find really useful as you can see the image you are going to take in the viewfinder, unlike DSLRs where the image can be a lot darker or lighter than you see through the view finder.
The second reason is that my girlfriend recently bought a Canon 600D after she saw how much fun I was having with my DSLR. THe only thing with this is that it is a better camera than mine!!! Not allowed! but considering the money I had to spend compared to how much she had to spend, it really was silly for me to spend so much more.

I got my G-3 second hand from eBay for £173 delivered. I ended up selling my G-10 for £102 so it only cost me £61 to upgrade, absolute bargain!!

The G-3 has 16MP so I can take much crisper photos, and it has a flip out rotating screen so for the more difficult photos I don't have to get in such awkward angles to get my eye level. Also it is smaller than the G-10 so it is much more portable. Other than that it is the same, so I know exactly how to use it!

Someday I know I will upgrade to a proper DSLR rather than a mirrorless system, however for now these cameras have served me extremely well and I love using them and with their incredibly clever Ai and Ai+ systems which do all the settings for you if you don't know how to set up a camera, I would recommend them to any photographer just starting out.

I also would like to point out that I pride myself on the fact that I don't use editing programs or camera effect, unless I state it for the picture itself. I love the fact that my photos on here are exactly how I shot them, and I spend a lot of time trying to capture the photo exactly how I want it to so I don't have to edit it!

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