Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Grace Dieu Abbey

A couple weeks back, myself and my buddy Rex went on a little cycle ride to a place called Grace Dieu Abbey. The ride there was pretty tough as there were some pretty monstrous hills to climb, but we did make it eventually!
As you can see it is an abandoned one that is in ruins now, but it still gave us some good photo opportunities! We also took plenty of joke photos, and they will be in my next post! After this we decided to take a different route home which was through some woods and on little country roads and we stumbled across the working monastery - which will be a further post in the next week or so!

Anyway, these are the photos of Grace Dieu Abbey:


  1. I love the stone structure. Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! we were expecting more of a building but at least there was still something there!