Monday, 21 April 2014

Wainhouse Tower

Wainhouse tower was built in 1875 for a man called Mr Wainhouse, as a chimney for one of his factories. However this was very cheeky by Mr Wainhouse, as it wasn't ever used as a chimney and it is extremely intricate, far more intricate than necessary for a chimney. It has been rumoured that he actually built it so he would have his name live on for many years as he knew no one would ever knock it down! I guess it worked!

Anyway, This tower is something that I can see from my bedroom window and at the end of my garden, so I thought I would catch it as the sun set, and then at night it is lit up so I'd take another photo then!

Here are the results:

1. Wainhouse Tower
2. Wainhouse Tower
3. A tree and gravestone in the graveyard near to the tower
4. Wainhouse Tower lit up at night
5. The moon - even though it is a little blurry!