Friday, 7 March 2014

Find Beauty Friday #23

So folks, it is my second time hosting Find Beauty Friday with Aimee from Dear Harper. Last time I did this, I was pretty hungover and really unprepared, so this time, hopefully it will be a lot better!

Aimee hosts this blog link up every Friday, and it is a fantastic way to get your photos seen and to see other people's work. It also gets you seen by many bloggers and if you all follow each then everyone gets new followers and more exposure - awesome! Go an check out Aimee's blog (clicking the link above) to see previous Find Beauty Friday posts and more exciting and interesting things!

My photo this week is from a bike ride I took, which you can read about here - Photography Cycle Ride. All of my favourite photos from that cycle ride are on that post, however I saved this one for this post as I thought it would be just perfect for a Find Beauty Friday post!

So... enjoy the link up, check each other out and give everyone a follow to help us build the community!

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