Sunday, 2 March 2014

Macro at the Park

As I said before in my post 'Playing with a new lens' I got a new lens for my birthday, and so I have been out an about trying to capture new things I couldn't capture before. I bought the lens with it in mind that I would be able to get even closer Macro photos, and in some ways, this is the case, however the minimum distance you can stand from the subject is a metre with this lens, so it gives a different effect than I expected, but it is a really nice surprise. Obviously the zoom is a lot further, however the focal distances etc are all different and so it takes different picture to what I have taken before.

Anyway I walked down to the park as it has always had some bright colours etc, and attempted to capture some macro shots to give it a try out, here are the results:

1. The fence
2. Swing chains
3. A spring
4. A swing chain
5. Tangled up chain

Okay so 3 out of 5 are the chains of swings, but they were really interesting, honest!!

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