Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Edits and Effects

Edits and effects are something I don't really play about with. Infact I don't really like them at all! so it seems a little odd to be posting about edits and effects doesn't it?


When I was out and about this July I went on a waterfall walk in Ingleton. It was a great day out with really nice sun and some beautiful sights, however it is a little challenging climbing a path to the top of a waterfall! Highly recommended for a family day out or a spot to grab some really cool photos. I'll post some of my other photos from Ingleton another day!

Anyway, when I was at the top of one of the hills there was a waterfall pool which was just too irresistable to not get into, even if it was only our feet. So after dipping our feet into the surprisingly cold water I obviously got my camera out. This is when I started playing around and found the inbuilt effects in the camera!

So, with my model (girlfriend - if you don't recognise her from other posts) at the ready I started shooting. These are the results:

Unfortunately I can't remember the names of the settings and can't check as they were taken on my old camera! nightmare!

However the original settings is the first photo. There's also a standard sepia in there, a greyscale and one called 'vintage' if i remember correctly. The rest is an unknown! maybe I'll call it a quiz to save a bit of face...?

What do you think? Do the effects make it a better or a worse photo, or just something different? let me know!