Friday, 25 October 2013


Macro photography is something I really love. The only issue is I don't have a macro lense. But using a telephoto zoom lens you can get pretty close, close enough to satisfy my love for all things macro at least! And it saves me spending hundreds of pounds on a lense! I did buy some macro extender tubes recently on ebay for around £12 but as they lacked the electronic elements it removed all of the lenses electronic ability, and the manual focus couldn't seem to get in focus until you were touching the object you were wanting to photograph! Not ideal! I'll have a play with it again now I have updated my camera and see how it goes - pictures and review to follow!

So, from now on I can pretty much guarantee that the majority of my photos will be of real close ups, doing my best to capture the things that we miss when we live our lives at a hundred miles an hour.

So my first macro photo that I am going to post is this - a pine cone.

Taken in the woods at Hardcastle Craggs in the summer. I saw this pine cone and couldn't miss the opportunity to take a snap. I set up my tripod (another post will cover that bad boy) and snapped away. Obviously it isn't glamorous lying down on the floor trying to set all of the focus and settings, but I think it was pretty worth it!

Whilst looking for the pine cone picture I stumbled across some other ones from the same day!


  1. Mushrooms! haha I love taking my camera on walks in the woods. so many neat things to photograph! Love these. Thanks for linking up with photography friday!

    1. Thanks Jess! And thanks for linking me up, need to get my name out there!