Saturday, 26 October 2013

Winter is Coming!

For any of you out there who watch Game of Thrones, I hope that title got you at least a little bit excited. for those of you who don't... shame on you, it's fantastic.

Anyway back to the photography.

As winter will soon be upon us I decided to look through my photos from the last time we had snowy weather, the first snow in which I had my DSLR. Winter really is a great time to take photos, adding a blanket of snow to everything makes it a real challenge to find the normal things I would think of photographing, however when you do find something it adds that little extra magic to have it covered in or surrounded by snow. With it's rare appearance in England it's a real treat to be able to take some photographs before it is gone as quickly as it arrives.

I think snow itself adds a completely different dimension to photographs that you cant find at any other time. The natural bright white canvas is a free piece of equipment all photographers would be a fool to not make use of, and it brings out a lot of light and makes colours really stand out in front of it.

The cold comes with its challenges like taking photos in gloves (trickier than it seems!) and getting close enough to a subject without freezing to death! These death defying (maybe a little extreme) photo opportunities provide some of the most interesting photos such as icicles, snowflakes, snow drifts etc, all have a real natural beauty behind them. And on the other side, people generally take the time to really enjoy the snow when it is about, so you get some fantastically happy photos without the doom and gloom you can find everywhere else.

Here is my favourite photo from the snowy weather featuring my girlfriend once again! To be fair she is in a lot of my photos! I really like the colours that the snow highlights like the red of the hat and scarf, the blue of the hoody (peeking under the jacket) and of course the pearly white teeth! Plus the snow pile was HUGE so we had to get a photo of it! Taken in Glossop (Again?!) in Derbyshire in March.

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