Sunday, 27 October 2013

Food, glorious food!

Man i love food. I mean who doesn't? And there's nothing better than photographing something you love!

Now people take photos of food every day. It's impossible to go through a day without someone facebooking or instagramming what they're having for lunch, and then what they're having for tea a few hours later. It's just a part of life now, and as much as people moan about it, I'm sure htey will do it every now and again too!

But I don't want to just take photos of a plate of food. I want my photos to look like the adverts do. If they can make something look so delicious that I'd buy it even if I don't need ro want it then I can do the same! I want it to look so delicious that when you look at it you try to eat your screens!

One of the issues with taking great photos of food is that you have to have great food to start with! Now I like to think I can cook, but by the end I am too hungry to bother to make it look nice, so I never get the opportunity to take a photo of it! plus I dont often take my DSLR when going out for meals as it's a pretty big thing, plus it's not great conversation to spend time taking photos rather than talking!

So when I see some delicious food, it's well presented and I have my camera, I have to take a snap!

Now the first photo totally contradicts everything I said, and is actually something I made. I did have some help from my girlfriend, but still, it's my creation! Its a calzone pizza, and it's really easy to make!

 My dad is somewhat of a baking lover, and especially loves to bake bread. He literally does it every weekend, after his more 'manly' other hobby of riding his bike. This one here is a cheesy loaf called 'Jarlsberg Twist Loaf'. It's actually pretty tasty too as every now and again you hit little pockets of cheese within the bread, delish.

If you want the recipes for either of these just leave me a comment to let me know and I might just do a random recipe blog!

So did anyone try to eat their screens? It definitely made me hungry putting these up!

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