Friday, 25 October 2013

The hunt for the perfect photo

My first ever blog. it's a special moment. So I decided I would post my favourite photo I have ever taken. I have only just got into taking photos as a real hobby, buying my first DSLR two years ago. A few weeks ago upgraded my camera to it's big brother camera and now I'm ready to show of what I have produced!
Im yet to learn a thousand things about photography, and I am certainly not one to ask if you need to know about aperatures and shutter speeds etc. I just go with what I think will work and trial and error until I get the photo I want. And as my hunt for the perfect photo continues I vow to avoid photo editing as much as I can to find the most naturally perfect shot possible.

So here it is, the big one. My favourite photo I think I have ever taken.

It was taken just off Snake's Pass outside of Glossop in Derbyshire, around March. My girlfriend and I went for a walk just as the last bits of snow were finally drying up. I think it really shows off some great colours, it sticks (nearly!) to the ever famous 'thirds rule' that ever good photographer claims to live by and really shows how vast and open our country can be!

What do you think?

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  1. Truly beautiful Guy, well done. I too am upgrading to a DSLR (by the way, macro is fantastic!!!) and am hoping to learn so much more about photography. It has been a passion I have had all my life but am only just getting into in my 'older' years. So I am really delighted that you are developing your passion in your youth as you will have many years to enjoy it. Love Auntie Pat xx