Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lakeside snaps

As I have said in my last post 'Swanning about', I recently went to a place called Charnwood Water here in Loughborough. It was basically for me to get away from my uni work which was driving me mad and to finally get out to take some photos! When I got there, there were loads of birds which got most of my attention, however I did manage to take some snaps of other things too!
Here are some of the snaps I caught:

1. One of the reservoir's life rings.
2. A rusting padlock.
3. A bar stopping cars from accessing the paths.
4. Birds on a roof waiting for the big birds to finish eating.
5. A couple ducks tucked away in the reeds.

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Dear Harper

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  1. Amazing photos as always, Guy! Love the lock! :-)

  2. love that old life-ring. I wish I could find one to hang in my house (okay maybe that would be weird....but I love the look of them!).

  3. Great shots, every one... but I really like the last one!