Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Swanning about

Today I went to a reservoir called Charnwood Water over here in Loughborough as I am struggling with work so really needed a break. Just a ten minute drive from mine, I thought it would be perfect to just pop over and see what I could snap! When I got there I found that there were loads of birds!

Now birds for me have been notoriously difficult to photograph, and I knew it would be a challenge, but with there being so many I thought I had to give it a go. As I only have a reasonably short lens at the moment (14-42mm) I had to get pretty close to take a good photograph. Now those of you who know what swans are like, this was pretty scary! Swans have a nasty bite on them and if they hit you with their wings then they have enough power to break your arm! The things you go through to get a good photo! Anyway, off I went and crept as close as I could and took some photos, before they noticed me and started to walk angrily towards me! I did this quite a few times until I lost my nerve and went away to take some photos of other thinks around the reservoir. These will appear within this week as some more posts!

When I had taken another dose of 'Man-up' I went for a few more snaps of them! Here are the results of the day!

Just after being fed by some other passers by!

Headless swans!? I don't really like this photo too much as I think the green plant at the bottom kind of spoils it, but I took the chance with them all with their heads underwater to take this snap as it looked so strange!

I like this as you can see the water droplets on it's head and neck after diving under.

A couple more pics with just water in the background, nice and simple!

Keep your eye out for the other posts from the same day coming soon!

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