Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Up to the edge!

Alderley Edge is a little place in Cheshire just outside of Manchester and it is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. A lot of footballers and stars live there as it's not too far from Manchester. It does however have a national trust place and so myself and my girlfriend went there for a little walk and to take some photos! We had been before, but it was extremely busy as it was a bank holiday weekend and we couldn't find anywhere to park so we went back home to the pub, just as good! But this time it was a normal monday and so it was empty, success!
So we started our walk up to the edge, and spotting things to shoot on the way. When we got to the top, it really is an edge, as you will see from the photos! Pretty impressive view though! Just as we reached the top, the battery on my camera died, nightmare! so I resorted to using my iPhone for a few snaps, but it's just not the same!

Now here is a little side story for those of you interested in my antics:

When we were leaving the top an old lady asked us if we could shout 'Izzy' at the top of our voices as she had lost her dog! So we spent a few minutes shouting it and listening out, but she was nowhere to be seen! However just as we were turning to go back, I spotted something white running around right at the bottom below the edge, and it was the dog! No amount of shouting could stop her from having the time of her life down there, so I offered to go down and get her. After making my way down the hill, slipping numerous times on the way, I finally got to the bottom where I hearded her up the hill back to her owner, however I was still stuck at the bottom of the hill! It took me a good ten minutes and all my energy to get back up, when the dog did it as quick as a flash! Finally, as I made it to the top, they had the dog and all was well, except for me who was completely knackered, but it was a little adventure all the least! Moral of the story is, keep hold of your dog if it runs off so nice people like me don't have to go chasing after it! Thanks!

anyway, here are the snaps from the day:

Wrapped up warm, poser!

 someone planning on staying the night?

 Woodland shots...

The edge! Awful shot as the light was terrible, but I had no time to set it up as the battery was dying!

 In one of the crevasses...

A panorama shot from my iPhone

For some of these photos I used my Gorilla Pod! Don't forget to enter my competition where you can win one for yourself!
 photo giveaway_zpsafcde469.jpg

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