Tuesday, 3 December 2013

More Markets

German Markets are really popular over here in England and so in every major city you will find a german market. The first german market I went to was the one in Leeds, which my post The German Markets covers.

This time however I went up to visit my girlfriend and so we went to see the german markets up there in Manchester! I spent a year working in Manchester last year and so during the Christmas period myself and colleagues would go to the german market every now and again to have some drinks on a friday evening, it was great! This time we went round all the markets looking at all the things we couldn't afford to buy as we are now poor students, but had fun taking photos of everything there!

The markets in Manchester are a lot better than in Leeds, there are more shops, wider walkways, a more chilled atmosphere and better decorations! wahey! So if you do get the change go to Manchester over Leeds, you'll have a much better time and you can actually spend time within the markets and enjoy yourself, rather than feel rushed around and forced to leave!

Here are some of the snaps I got at the Manchester markets:

Some light fittings that were for sale...

A huge tower with wooden statues in the middle that walked around it!
 and a little one attached to it's base...

 Harvey Nichols shop fronts are always amazing, this one doesn't let itself down!

 This crazy thing actually sang christmas songs! And no, I have no idea who that woman is, but she pushed in front whilst I was trying to take a picture so now her photo is on the internet whether she likes it or not, uhoh!

 A huge santa on top of the Town Hall...

And just to show how big it is, this is it sat on the roof infront of the clock tower!

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  1. I love German markets - especially at christmas. I will be visiting York to go to one in 2 weeks time, and hopefully if i have time, might make it to the manchester one too - really look forward to it!

    1. Yeah I will be going to the york one too soon I think! going all over the place just for markets!