Friday, 17 January 2014

Dear oh deer!

Whilst at Bradgate Park, which I mentioned in my last post (Bradgate Park), we saw some deer! My buddy Rex saw them first in their own little walled off area. So we crept up to snap them, however as I only have a short lens I just could not get close enough to take any good pictures, which you can see in the second picture down! boo! 
We did however see some more deer whilst we were walking, and these were loose! So we crept up, like you see in the movies, from a long way away. As we did so, we saw a couple walking along who were going to walk right past them and we were sure that we would scare them! It turns out that these deer are actually quite used to people coming pretty close so they walked past them with no problem! This then lead to us creeping closer and closer and finally ending up with the photos you can see here! You can see the closer we got by looking at them in order, which is 3rd, 4th, 5th and finally the 1st one, as this was my favourite photo so I wanted it to be on top! Further up the pathway we saw a couple deer heading off over the hill which produced the final little photograph.
Deer are pretty majestic animals, and I have never seen any, that I can remember, in the flesh before so I was really lucky to get these snaps. Hopefully for my birthday next month I am going to get a new zoom lens so next time I see them I should have more of a chance of getting some great shots!

p.s. I hope you have finally stopped laughing at my hilarious post title, I seem to have a thing for hilariously awful titles!

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