Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Lotherton Hall Mash Up

As mentioned in my last post (Her Red Coat) I recently went to a place called Lotherton Hall. It's a beautiful old house near Leeds with surrounding gardens and a bird sanctuary, excellent for taking photos!

I have managed to get 4 different posts out of the photos I took that day, including the red coat and this compilation of bits and bobs, (very organised of me to already have them set up!) and so here is post number 2!

It was a sunny but very cold day when myself and my girlfriend decided to trek on over to Lotherton Hall. After paying 5 pounds each, which was a little steep seen as she had told me that last time she went she only paid to park there, we had a little wander about in the house and then onto the gardens and bird sanctuary. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take photos in the house, despite me trying my best to look like a pro and putting the attendants on the spot asking them with a big grin on my face. however when we got to the gardens I went snap happy and here are some of the results! More post on Lotherton to follow!

1. Leaves of a bush with the sun shining down
2. Part of a wreath
3. Green and yellow leaf
4. Bricks
5. The whole wreath
6. Leaf close up
7. Hay bale
8. Muddy flower after the rain

For some of these I used my Gorilla Pod. Don't forget to enter my competition where you can win one of them for yourself!
 photo giveaway_zpsafcde469.jpg

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