Tuesday, 26 November 2013

It's Christmasssss!

With Christmas round the corner (less than a month!!eek!) I was having a think about what I love about Christmas, which, apart from family-time of course, it has to be the food. The sweets, the chocolate, the nuts, the snacks, the everything and above all, the Christmas dinner. I'm physically drooling over the thought of Christmas dinner right now. It's then that I remembered the year when I had just bought my camera and we had some amazing food at Christmas! So these were my first ever food shots, taken on my old G10 camera. Funnily enough they feature the same chocolate marshmallow treat as in my German Markets Post. Shows how delicious they really are! We also had lobster soup one day but before my mum butchered them I took this snap! 

From both of the photos you can see how much I have evolved as a photographer with basic practice and perseverance which really makes me happy to see the improvement. I left the lens hood on in the lobster photo with a flash and it left a shadow! Amateur error!

Anyway, I hope you are as excited for christmas as I am, and these don't make you too hungry!

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 photo giveaway_zpsafcde469.jpg


  1. Love the focus in both photo's :) It's ridiculous how excited I am for christmas!!

    1. Thanks! focus is something I really love to play about with! Yeah I know it's so soon!