Thursday, 7 November 2013

Macro Mashup

I haven't had the opportunity recently to actually go out and take some snaps, so I am running low on different topics to post about. But I want to try to stick to my 'one post a day' plan so I am just going to have to trawl through my photo logs and find something!

Here we are. A Macro Mashup will do nicely. I might do these every now and again and start a little trend going... who knows!?

So, on today's Macro Mashup we have..... well a mashup, obviously.

These photos include photos taken at Hardcastle Craggs, Speke Hall in Liverpool and my dad's car. That'll do!



  1. Nice choice of macro pix! I love all the details!

  2. thanks Nat! that's why i love macro, love the detail!