Sunday, 24 November 2013

Look at me when I'm taking your photo!

 The back of the head is never seen as a focus for photography. And it's not difficult to see why! Obviously it's much nicer to catch a smile, however every now and again I take pictures from behind the subject to give a different perspective. When doing this I found that if you can get the lighting right, and focus on the head rather than the scene behind it, you can capture some really nice photos.

The difficulty with this is that light is such a hard thing to work with. At least for me it is. I find it so difficult to make sure im standing in the right place to not cast any shadows on the subject, but to not be too far round the subject to get too much light in! Plus if the subject is stuck to something then it makes it even more difficult! ARGH!!
However, ever now and again you can use this irritating light to your advantage, and capture some really lovely photos. I took these whilst trying to photograph my girlfriend, and once I had taken a really bad photo, I saw the effect the light could have and worked on my positioning to produce these!

The first one has the light coming in from the side so it highlights some of her hair, but also highlights the ground in fromt of her to give some really bright colours, and the winds adds a lovely effect to her hair.

This one was a lot more difficult. The light was infront of us, where we were looking at a waterfall. However somehow I managed to capture it just right so some of the sun is streaming across the picture, but not too much. I think it looks like an advert for a jacket or something, maybe that's just me though!


Think it could pass for an advert?

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