Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Macro at Home

Hey there.

Today I finished uni and I was a little bit bored so I decided to go round my house looking for things to photograph. I was sure there would be some good things in the bedrooms of 4 students... nothing naughty though for those of you out there thinking that!

Obviously as macro is my passion I shot everything close up to see if the everyday things we have at home could look different in a photo. Here are my results...

Todays photos include:

1. My bottle of Joop! Jump aftershave
2. My housemates dartboard
3. A rusty handle in the garden
4. A bmx bike grip
5. The wallpaper in my living room
6. My Mickey Mouse poster
7. My new bamboo phone case
8. A clothes peg

Wow that peg is so close! how did you do that on such a short telephoto zoom lense? Well basically I cheated! I actually have a ridiculously large peg! See!

I also shared this on photography Friday link up, check it out!

I also linked with Find Beauty Friday here!

And finally I linked with 5 on friday, however I did 8 and I did it on wednesday, sue me!



  1. Hi, I discovered your blog through 5 on Friday.
    You're pictures are amazing!
    New follower here.


    1. Awh thanks, good to know the link ups are working! I'll keep on them!
      Thanks for following!


  2. Great shots! I love all of the details in the photos.

    Visiting from Photography Friday!


    1. Ah thank you!

      Good to know the blog hops are working!


  3. Wow, never would have guessed what half of these things were if you hadn't said, haha! Everything looks so different in Macro. Love the texture on the shot of the dartboard!
    thanks for linking up with Photography Friday again!

  4. Thanks Jess! Yeah that's why I love macro, it just completely changes everything!

  5. I really like the rusty door handle and your living room wallpaper.

    Visiting from Find Beauty Friday link up.

    Have a Fabulous Day -- Cherin @MasterfullyMe

    1. Thanks Cherin! Took me so long to get the wall paper photo!