Saturday, 9 November 2013

The garden strikes again!

As I have said on here before, when I'm bored I go into my back garden to find things to shoot. Well, that was before I came back to uni and my back garden now is just a rectangle of overgrown grass. Either way, these are some of the photos that I took when it was sunnier, which in England isn't very often! Obviously they are all close ups too, as you know these are what I really love.

The first one is of some berries hanging from a tree. I love the way that the sunlight just kisses some of the berries giving a real colour contrast on the berries. Plus I love the orange on the green background.

Secondly, we have a simple holly bush, but with the two tone leaves and the quirky shapes they take really good pictures.

Third is a butterfly on one of the plant's flowers. I spent a long time chasing this little fella around my garden trying to get a good picture. He flew off two or three times and each time I though he was gone for good. So each time he returned I dropped everything I was doing and tip-toed over to try get a photo. Finally on my last attempt I managed to get some snaps of him! luckily he wasn't flying off when the shutter went so there wasn't any blur! woo!

Fourth is just a simple little flower, but the sun was shining on it so it really caught my attention.

Finally we have a little water fountain in the back garden. And when I say little, it is extremely small. But I spent a few hours digging the hole for a large dustbin to sit below it, so I thought it deserved a photo! Plus there is always something nice about the sound of water, so why not a photo?

Have you got any snaps from your back garden?

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