Thursday, 28 November 2013

Macro Mashup 2

Another rushed post from me as the uni work is piling up and I'm struggling to get out to take photos!

So today's post shall be a cheeky macro mashup of things I have taken which havent made it onto the blog yet! See my first Macro Mashup post for more shots!
On a quick edit point after looking through these I realised how 3 of them aren't even remotely macro! You can tell my brain was frazzled! My bad!
Today's installment consists of:

1.The birdhouse in the back garden.
2. My old hamster cage. Now there is no hamster actually in the picture, however I just really like the colours in this.
3. Pirhanas!! And yes, they do actually have gold fleck on them!
4. A Flower at Speke Hall.

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  1. woah pirhana's are so cool looking! Those ones don't look too scary.

  2. Yeah I know! They are so dosile too! Barely moved!