Friday, 15 November 2013

Leaf me alone!

Again I apologise for a horrendous post title, I think these up late at night and then they really make me laugh even though they are horrendous, but I have to include them!

Anyway, autumn is here, and for quite a while now I have seen many posts featuring autumnul leaves and amazing colours. Especially those across the pond, you seem to have such great autumns (or falls in your case!) and the colours are just incredible! Generally here in the UK we get a lot of brown and a lot of rain which ends up with a lovely brown mush on the floor! Wooo....not!

So I saw this tree out of my bedroom window one day and I had to go and shoot it! It was bright yellow and the sky was a brilliant clear blue with the sunlight shining through the leaves so I knew I wouldnt get a better opportunity than that to capture it!

And this is what I got! I'm hoping sometime soon I can go on an autumn walk in the woods to capture some more leafy treats but for now, this will have to do!

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