Sunday, 10 November 2013

Summer Holiday : Part I

I've been waiting to blog about my summer holiday since I started blogging, but I wanted to save it until I knew what I was really doing!

So me and my other half went to Costa Brava in Spain this summer for 5 days of sun and all inclusive food and alcohol! Sadly, as it was September, we ony got 3 days of sun, and the food wasn't great. The alcohol was though so we definitely made use of that!

Costa Brava is known for being quite tacky and very touristy, and neither myself or my grilfriend are into that type of thing. So why did we go there I hear you ask! Well, only when we got back did we both realise we had misheard each other and found out that neither of us liked that type of thing, we just thought it was what the other one wanted. Sweet I guess, but it means we both went where we dont like! Doh!

Day 1

So, the holiday got off to an awful start, with us having a flat tyre at 9pm the night before we left at 4am to catch our flight. We had to hobble our way to the airport on a spare tyre, not my idea of fun! But we made it and everything was fine, the flight was okay and our bags arrived, success! We then had a two hour coach journey to the town we were in. When we got there it really was quite a nerve-wracking experience. As the coach pulled up at different hotels to let different groups of people off, we looked out of the window and hoped it wasn't ours. Three times thankfully it wasn't ours. The fourth time, our names were read out! Fortunately the hotel looked much better compared to the others, but it certainly didn't live up to the name of 4* Superior Gold that the sold it to us with! Nevermind!

We finally checked in and the holiday was underway! We had some food then had a wander round the shops, all touristy of course, then spent the rest of the day by the pool.

Day 2

We decided to chill again and then head round town in the evening to scope out a restaurant for us to eat in the following night, and to find out where the beach was so we could have a day there. Before we set off we ended up finding 2 English girls who we walked to town with. This ended up with us having a drink in a hard Rock bar playing heavy metal, a swanky cocktail bar that tried to kick us out for being too noisy and going to a near enough empty club! However I did get some nice pictures of the cocktails. Pretty good considering we were full of alcohol...

Stay Tuned for Days 3, 4 and 5!

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