Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Summer Holiday : Part III

The final post about my summer holiday. Make sure you read Part I and Part II first!

Day 5

Time to leave! We had until around 4 to chill by the pool, and luckily for us it was an absolute scorcher of a day! So we spent all day sunbathing and trying to get that all important tan before we left. When 4 a rrived we had a two hour coach journey with some ridiculously drunk OAPs, and then we got our flight!
Once we landed we got our bags back and off we went to go pick up the car. At around midnight we set off back home hobbling all the way home on our spare tyre. Urgh. Finally, absolutely exhausted, we got back home and straight into bed and to sleep!

Overall it probably wasn't the best holiday, and by that I mean that it wasn't great at all, but it was still our first holiday together and it just means the next one can only be better, fingers crossed!

Here are some of the pictures I didn't put on the other two posts but I quite liked.

More Favourite Pictures

This is a pool that was in the Botanical Gardens and I loved the reflection in it!

 This is the sea from on top of a cliff. It was so clear!

Even though this is out of focus I actually really like that about it and you can just make out the smiles still on our faces.

This is another pool that was in the botanical gardens.

 This was a little house that was covered in ivy. The colours were really great and it was really quite quaint.

And that my friends is the summary of my summer holiday! Now I just have to wait until the next one!

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