Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Lights, Camera, Action-shots!

Here is my friend Greg. As you can probably see, he is a bmx rider. And not a bad one at that!
He's been doing it for quite a few years now as a hobby and so every now and again I go and take some photos of him.

I'm always impressed with how he manages to do such cool stuff, but more impressive is that he actually has the guts to do it! I had a little go once and that was enough for me! I'll stick on this side of the lens thank you!!

So, here is a bunch of photos that I have taken. I have been 3 times now to take photos of Greg. The first time is where all but one of these photos were taken as it was a lovely sunny day, the second time was over cast and I didn't really get any good photos, and the third time the light was fading and I had just got my new camera so I didn't have time to properly set it up and I was mainly just playing around so I only got the one good photo.

Actually photographing Greg whilst he was moving was the trickiest thing. As he goes so fast and so high, you really have to follow him closely with the camera to get an in focus shot, and it is a lot more difficult than I expected!

Anyway, here you go!

The lovely day for these first ones definitely helped with the photos, as the blue and green really stand out.

These are three photos that I took in a quick burst and Greg the cheeky little devil did some editing and whacked them all together. Looks ace if I say so myself!

And seen as Greg did some editing, I gave it a whack too!

And we're back to normal! Phew!

This was my only photo from day 3 when the light was fading. Not an action shot, but I like it!

Fancy giving bmx-ing a go?

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