Sunday, 3 November 2013

There's a hamster on the loose!

Seen as my hamster has just escaped her cage for the second time this month, I figured it was quite appropriate to do a little blog all about her!

(Btw: yes I am 21 and have a hamster. You're just jealous!)

Now, her name is Boo and she's a Syrian Hamster. I got her in February when my girlfriend convinced me it was a good idea - so she's just gone 8 months old. Doesn't seem too old but seen as she only has a life expectancy of two years she's nearly halfway! Maybe that's why she keeps escaping, it's a midlife crisis!!

She's quite an odd looking little hamster as she is all black, so she looks like a rat just with a short tail. She got her name because of her colour - she looks like a shadow and obviously she can jump out of the shadows and scare everyone! Boo!
This has lead onto a multitude of nicknames for her including:

- boo boo
- boo boo mouse
- mouse baby
- rat baby
And because of today - boodini - after the great escape artist himself, Houdini.

Trying to catch her once she has escaped is also extremely difficult! If you're here for tips then I'm afraid you're in for some bad news! Basically all you can do is look behind and under everything until you see the cheeky escapee! The first time she was under my housemate's bed and the second time she was under a different housemate's desk! Who knows where she will be next time!

Anyway, as a photo subject she is extremely difficult to capture. As she moves around so much and is CONSTANTLY sniffing everything, trying to get her in focus is extremely difficult. She does however take good pictures as her jet black fur with bright colours looks really awesome - especially the yellow of her cage!
So, I whacked up my shutter speed to give me afighting chance of capturing her before she moved and gave it a go! Here are the results!

Ain't she a cutie?!

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