Friday, 22 November 2013

Beacon Hill

Here in Loughborough there is a hill called Beacon Hill, which at the top surprisingly has a beacon. Funnily enough back in Halifax, my home town, we also have a Beacon Hill! When my girlfriend came down to visit a couple of weeks ago I took her up there so we could attempt to take some photos!

Now for those of you who don't know, a beacon is a large basket on top of a pole which was lit when there was danger or for towns to communicate with each other. They're pretty old, but they are a part of the country's history so it's nice that they are still around. Unfortunately they aren't as cool as the ones you see in films like Lord of the Rings, but it's the same idea!

It was bitterly cold when we got to the top of the hillS so much so that we struggled to take photos as our fingers were so cold!

But here are some of the ones I managed to take!

Beautiful skies...

My little photography buddy...
 On top of the hill is a small stone with this brass plate on top showing the different locations of towns and cities...

Amazing how some plants can retain such bright greens when others turn to brown...

This is part of a statue at the top of the hill carved out of wood...

And the beacon itself, told you it wasn't as impressive as in the films...

For some of these photos I used my Gorilla Pod, so don't forget to enter my competition where you can win one for yourself!
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Dear Harper


  1. I have no idea where this is at (even with what you put....geography and I do not get along) but your pictures make me want to visit. The picture of the Statue is probably my favorite.

    1. haha well it is in England, so it would be a little tricky for you to visit! But if you do ever pop across the pond, its right in the centre of the country, but it is only a little town where I go to university. Plenty of places like this across the country though so I'm sure you'd find one anywhere you went!


  2. What a neat thing to have near. Looks like you guys had a quick the view from the top! Cool shots!

    Thanks for linking up!


  3. Thanks, it is pretty cool that we have so many of these places that there is always somewhere to go!


  4. I love that wooden statue - very awesome! Great photos as always, Guy! Thanks for linking up again! :)

    1. thanks! I will link up as often as i can, i love it!