Friday, 1 November 2013

Ingleton Waterfall Walk

Now for those of you who have read my Edits and Effects post I mentioned a place called Ingleton. It's a little place in the Yorkshire Dales and it is really great to go for walks and to take pictures etc. So, I posted about the edits and effects that I had found on my camera, however I didn't post my favourite photos that I actually took on the day!

So here they are...

This little fella was hanging by a spider web thread, but it was virtually invisible so it looked like a leaf just hanging in the air! Had to capture it!

On the path round the waterfalls there is this called a 'Money tree'. Basically people put coins into the fallen down tree for good luck. The tree was absolutely full of them, it took some real effort to cram ours into the little space we found using a rock for some extra power! The contrast of the trees behind with the colours and great pattern that the coins made, made for a really great photo.

Just a piece of grass with a slate pile in the backhround. Yet again, the contrast between the slate and the green really caught my attention, and this guy was just posing for a photo!

She's in everything!!!

Here was our own private island that we ate our packed lunch on. With a stream either side with little tadpole-filled rock pools it really was quite picturesque!

Shock horror! It is a black and white photo! I am so sorry!

 The waterfall and the stream's currents made this great pattern in the water. Pretty cool!

Overall it was a great day, even though it was ridiculously hot, and the walk was reasonably long, it's a great place to go for all you budding photographers and walking lovers!

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  1. I can't get over that tree! How is it that the coins stay there like that? It looks awesome, and it also looks super old! haha. I've never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing with Photography Friday! :)

    1. you have to really give it a good whack with a rock to get it in there! That's why they're so bent. but made a great photo!

      thanks again!