Thursday, 21 November 2013

Macro at Home 2

So after my first Macro at Home post, I decided I quite liked this type of blog post and I liked finding the photos, so I would try to make it a weekly thing. The only thing with taking them, is that every time I do one, the challenge to find more things to capture gets harder! I guess I will just have to get my thinking cap on!

So here is this week's installment. I meant to post it yesterday but I have been so busy with uni work that I just plain forgot!

These luckily for me and my, at the moment, very dead brain, didn't require me to find more things to shoot around my house as I took them at my girlfriend's house!

So here they are....

1. A rose
2. A funky light fitting
3 & 4. The radiator - I liked the symmetry of the first photo but I liked the second one more so I posted them both! And it took me forever to get these photos so I am putting them both up!
5. The cheese on a pizza, mmmmmm...

Also don't forget to enter my competition, a fantastic prize is up for grabs!

 photo giveaway_zpsafcde469.jpg

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  1. That second photo of the light fixture is awesome! Looks like a transformer or something, haha!

    1. Ha I know it's crazy! It's a huge ball too, looks awesome! Was so amazed when I first saw it!

  2. I like the funky Transformer your light fixture can be!! It´s interesting how one thing can be many different things to people when the picture is a macro. I would have never known it was a light fixture by just looking at the photo!

    1. ha yeah it is pretty cool. That's why I love macro so much cos it just completely changes the way things look!